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April and Toby

April and Toby chose to do a series of four interviews, including one on each of their family’s history, one on their time growing up, another on their love story and the life they created together, and a final one on reflections and values that they would like to pass on to future generations. They also chose to include filming of activities that they enjoy together such as gardening and cooking, as well as descriptions of heirloom furniture that Toby made and will pass on to his children. Enjoy these highlights from their family history interview. Their entire video is two hours in length.


Ann chose to focus on her childhood neighborhood and upbringing, her training as a musician and love for the piano, and the love of her life, Bill Liddell. She shared her stories over the course of three interviews that combined prepared material as well as memories that spontaneously arose in the moment. Enjoy highlights of Ann’s Family Story here. Her complete, edited Family Story is 55 minutes in length.


Murray and Leslie

“We met on Jan the 6th, got engaged on February the 6th, and got married April the 6th…. ” Hear more about Murray and Leslie’s whirlwind romance. Murray and Leslie are continuing to work on their Family Story, with plans to include multiple generations of family history along with interviews with additional family members.



Jimmy’s Family Story centered around his hometown of Whitikers, NC, and his mother’s hometown of Buena Vista, Georgia. Memories from both communities shaped him throughout his life. Traveling to these towns and filming there captured a sense of place and allowed him to share his roots more fully. Jimmy also chose to do interviews at home and at his law office. Enjoy a brief journey through Whitikers and Buena Vista in these highlights. Jimmy’s entire Family Story is approximately an hour in length.

Family Stories Videos are personal documentaries that capture your stories through interviews, family conversations and gatherings, a tour of your hometown, portrait photography – anything needed to bring your story to life. They are created as family heirlooms, capturing loved ones voices, laughter, gestures, stories, and relationships.

Favorite photos are often included. Recording memories associated with the photographs allow them to maintain a livelihood and relevance that can otherwise be lost as those connected with the photographs pass away. The stories and photographs stay woven together for future generations to enjoy. Family heirlooms, such as furniture, jewelry, and other memorabilia, may be shared in a similar manner.

Your Family Stories Video may be as simple as a single interview to preserve family history, or more comprehensive. Each family decides what is best suited for their needs and budget. Kathi is available to consult by phone or in person to assist in developing a personalized plan.

Packages start at $499. Email or call to set up a consultation or to inquire about pricing details.


See What Families Have To Say

We thoroughly enjoyed working on our Family Stories Video with Kathi. She was both very easy to talk to and professional. We are so happy to have these memories recorded for our sons to share with future generations. April and Toby Lindsay | Brevard, NC
My parents did a Family Story with Kathi and had a wonderful experience. The video is fantastic and my parents enjoyed the experience. They were a little nervous before the first filming session, but afterwards they were glowing and positive. As they talked about their life with Kathi they discovered things about each other that they had not previously known. After 50 years of marriage, I thought that was pretty amazing- and the moment is captured on film. Robert Simon | Asheville, NC

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