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The first step in capturing the perfect moment is creating a comfortable, fun and inviting atmosphere for my clients. I take joy in listening with my eyes, attending to moments when essential qualities shine through. Together we shape the photography session to best tell your story. Whether it’s a headshot, multi-generational family portrait, or a couple newly in love, all sessions are a delicate balance between planning and the spontaneity of the moment.

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Photographing families is a true pleasure, whether with a couple, new parents with their baby, yearly family portraits to mark the passage of time, or multiple generations gathered together for a special occasion. My aim is to capture single moments, unconscious gestures, and shared laughs that tell the story of a lifetime of love and connection.

I work together with you and your family in creating the overall look of your portraits. Meaningful elements, such as special locations and beloved objects, can really add to capturing your unique family story. Everyone present is a collaborator in creating the image. On a recent multi-generational family shoot, a three year old spontaneously lay down across the laps of his aunt, mom, and grandmother and struck a model-perfect pose. Reactions to his playfulness capture individual relationships as well as the spirit of the whole family.

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In photographing children, I use many of the skills that I learned as a professional play therapist. My goal is to give plenty of space for spontaneous expression, natural movement, and fun. I inevitably end up crawling around on the ground, listening to stories of their latest adventure, and allowing for silences where they are not pressured to do anything in particular. I tend to avoid asking for smiles, waiting for the ones that naturally erupt in the course of our interactions. In cultivating an atmosphere where children are relaxed and welcomed in their full range of expression, moments are captured that tell the unique story of your child or grandchild.


A portrait can change the way you see and relate to yourself. This power contained in a still image continually amazes me. While in Cambodia, I photographed a French Circus artist. When she saw the photograph, she was moved to tears. She shared that it was the first time that she had ever seen herself as beautiful.

From a headshot needed to communicate your potential to casting agents or clients, to a deeply personal portrait taken during a major life transition, I capture the nuances that make you you.

            “My whole life is in that photograph” Byrdene Byerly

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My training as a documentary filmmaker influences my work as a wedding photographer. Primarily, I move behind the scenes capturing the moments that tell your special, wedding story with as little interference as possible. Brides often share that they were hardly aware of being photographed at all, despite a large number of photos being taken. In conjunction with documentary style coverage, I also offer portraits of the bride and groom, as well as any other formal groups desired. Packages are tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

I am also available for events that need to be documented, such as political events, family reunions, and receptions.



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