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We all have stories to tell. These stories are a powerful part of our legacy, bringing smiles to loved one’s faces and connecting us across generations.

Family Stories Videos are personal documentaries that capture your family history, stories, memories and traditions. Video brings these stories to life, featuring loved ones voices, laughter, gestures, quirks and connections to one another. 

I am delighted to help you tell your story. Through my experience as a documentary filmmaker and as a social worker, I offer support and expertise throughout the creative process. We collaborate in creating your heirloom video, aiming always for the approach that best suits you and your family.

While preserving my mother’s history and personality to pass to future generations, Kathi created a video experience that evokes memories unique to each of our family members. Her sensitivity, dedication and attention resulted in a quality product that we will cherish for years to come.Elizabeth Liddell Button | Asheville, NC


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